Lives and livelihoods have been immensely affected this year due to the global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The book Coronavirus Disease (2019) shook the whole world and its economy. The tremors were specifically felt by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Markets were shut, shutters were down, and doors have been closed.

However, whilst shops and the high street have lost footfall, digital marketing has been on the rise. This has resulted in businesses and brands either figuring out, or heavily investing in digital marketing strategies to make up for their lost sales.

In this blog post, we’ve put together a few digital advertising hints and tips to help you boost your sales, generate revenue, and grab the attention of potential customers.

Increase your online presence

This is the time for you to create or brush up as many online identities as possible. While you may already have a website, try to utilise other social media platforms as well. That being said, ensure you keep the content engaging and flowing, and don’t engage in mindless advertising without setting goals. First, figure out which platform/s your customers are spending most of their time on, and make them your points of focus.

Run exclusive offers

Discounts, deals, consultations, demos and offers always attract people, and you can use this to your advantage. Communicate all of your special offers on social media platforms, as well keeping customers and prospects informed through promotional emails. This way you can get new customers, as well as enticing existing ones.

Invest in Facebook ads

Facebook ads are a cost-effective way of digital advertising. Invest in them, and remember to keep your ads engaging and well-targeted. With Facebook’s intelligent targeting capabilities, you can target your potential customers based on gender, age, marital status, and hobbies. This can truly help you scale your business.

Get to know your post-COVID customers

Coronavirus has changed the mindsets and priorities of people. Therefore, you also need to bring some alterations to your content and communication systems. To do so, you have to know your post-COVID customers. Conducting surveys is a great way to understand your customers, loyalty and purchasing habits.

Clean up the pre-COVID mess

Stay on top of unattended refunds and auto-pays, otherwise this could lead to negative reviews and potentially jeopardise your business, reputation or next sale. In addition to thinking of ways to get new customers, don’t forget to focus on the ones who have been with you throughout the economic downturn. This will help you make stronger bonds with your customers.

Focus on user experience (UX)

Getting more traffic to your website will be of little use unless it’s being converted. For more conversions, you should simplify your website to ensure a seamless customer experience, even for an average consumer.

A simple navigation and a clear call to action can ofter result in increased enquiries and orders. Sure there is always going to be someone who can design a cheap website, but if the user journey isn’t intuitive, and you have to make them think, cheap can be expensive!


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