A creative digital agency connecting brands and businesses with customers

Do Something Digital is an independent creative agency that helps brands and businesses launch and grow by developing original creative digital content. We deliver strategy, digital platforms, online advertising, animation, activities and voice activated interactive audio.

We have years of experience delivering a range of diverse launch campaigns and long term developments for start ups, education, charities and children's media brands across the UK and internationally.

We are ideas driven and work hard to find the best strategy, creative concepts and technical solutions for long term developments, and short term projects ensuring a positive, fun, engaging brand experience.

We genuinely care about the final output, and are great at helping clients build briefs, take what exists and transform it into something compelling that will connect with their audience, build awareness and grow sales.

Responsible & Compliant 

We take an ethical and responsible approach to any website development or advertising campaign we strategise on or develop, offering efficiencies and ensuring age appropriate content, whilst abiding social platform age restrictions, data collection and GDPR guidelines.

We’ve worked with some of the worlds largest kids and entertainment brands, and take guidelines seriously. We are particularly good at working with minimal assets, creating new ones, and transforming them into something compelling.

How we deliver a project

We work in consultation with businesses ensuring we understand their aims and brand guidelines to create original advertising content and interactive experiences, always taking a continuous improvement approach to enhance the delivery, and overall customer experience.

To ensure a smooth delivery, we map out the complete flow in every step of the cycle from agreeing a project to delivering it. 

We take a linear, waterfall approach ensuring the progress flows in one direction in stages from design, build, testing and deployment. This means effectively managing communication, risk, scheduling, budgets, conflicts and delivery.

Gather and document requirements


Code and unit test

User acceptance testing (UAT)

Fix any issues


We are honest, upfront and provide tailored concepts, strategies, hand picked technologies, and creative campaigns driven by a clear plan to ensure we deliver on time and budget. We genuinely love what we do, it’s what gets us out of bed!  

If you would like to work with a talented company, creating fun, original websites, advertising content, enhanced audio experiences, and digital marketing campaigns, give us a call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we’d love to hear from you.