Interactive audio technology for visitor attractions, products & promotional campaigns


Voice based interactive audio guide development

Do Something Digital is the exclusive European partner of Spoken Adventures, a Canadian based developer of interactive audio guides using voice recognition.

This unique technology, developed for home entertainment, family attractions, publishers, broadcasters and STEM learning, has been designed to offer consumers an enhanced, interactive audio experience.


How it works

audio1Much like Amazon’s Alexa, users have an enhanced two way dialogue with an audio guide, via an app, asking and answering questions enabling them to create their own unique journey or experience. The application is compatible with all IOS and Android devices, and is geo-localised using Bluetooth beacons that triggers an audio narrative according to visitors’ position.


Simulated interactive audio

This technology also works with products and print material enabling users to trigger ‘audio capsules’ by naming specific objects or areas within a printed visual. By naming different objects in an image, users can explore and interact with an narrator or game master, that sets the scene, offers guidance, and answers questions. 

Audio capsules include spoken text, music, quizzes, and puzzles, perfectly suited for a single or group  entertainment experience.           

The possibilities are endless, and the interactions and journeys that can be created, are only restricted by the narrative of the experience.


What we deliver

There’s no costly app development, as we’ve already developed the technology, software and app to create an interactive audio project from A to Z. Instead we create a white label, or integrate with your existing mobile app (under certain technical conditions), offering increased revenue streams for family attractions and stand-out, interactive, promotional opportunities for brands.


audio3Content creation


We deliver end to end audio solutions including casting, mixing, sound design, original music composition and studio recording. We also work with brands and attractions to advise on and adapt scripts and narratives into interactive audio created by authors, presenters, scientists and historians.



For posters, and wider print material, we have an experienced team of artists to deliver on brand and to your specific project needs.


If you have a business idea, or are looking to enhance an new/existing attraction, book or product, and would like to demo, or find out more about our interactive audio technology, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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