Online games, quizzes and activities 

Developing a fun, challenging online games and activities is a great way to generate brand awareness and engage audiences of all ages. We design and develop fun and educational online /mobile games, activities, social apps, quizzes, surveys and ebrochures.

We love playing games and creating them, and invite targeted focus groups at an early stage, to feedback on our concepts, prototypes and test them, ensuriing we deliver something entertaining that delivers a positive brand experience and engagement.

Technologies include: HTML5 & Unity 

Pearson English Language Teaching required a promotional activity to attract non-native English speakers to test and practice their English language skills online.

We came up with a modern twist on space invaders called Error Attack, developed in HTML5 ensuring mobile and desktop compatibility.

Key aims were to drive website traffic, and encourage users to understand and learn about Pearson’s English learning resources available to them.

Client: Pearson

Error Attack Game

To promote the pan European launch of Unsolved Crimes on the Nintendo DS, we created a European website that centres on a crime investigation scene prompting users to find hidden clues via a game.

Combining illustration and photography, created in-house, the site creates an immersive experience enabling users to play the role of a detective , whilst finding out more about the game and where to purchase it.

We also produced an online display campaign that was rolled out across popular gaming and lifestyle sites.

Client: Empire

Unsolved Crimes

Oxford children’s dictionaries are compiled especially for children, although they are not simply cut-down versions of their adult dictionaries. 
 As the range of dictionaries is so vast, we produced an intuitive dictionary bookshelf designed to help users search, compare, sample and buy the right dictionary quickly.

The end result is an efficient, user friendly search tool that’s both intuitive and visually appealing. In fact the selector has been so popular, its design and functionality has been re-used for a number of Oxford University Press publications.

Client: OUP

Dictionary selectors

The Jiggy McCue books are a multi-award winning series aimed at children featuring titles including ‘The Killer Underpants’ & ‘Toilet of Doom.’

To promote the series we developed a series of fun, quirky games that reflect the humorous tone of the book including ‘The 100m Toilet Dash, Pants Throwing & Spot Squeezing’. Nice!

Orchard Books

Pants Olympics

Oxford Owl is a popular website aimed at teachers and parents, designed to help children aged 3+ with maths advice and reading tips.

To further engage children and their parents with the website, we developed a dice rolling game that challenges their mathematical skills in a fun, engaging way.

Client: OUP

Roll The Dice

We were delighted to work with The British Council (Premier Skills English) and the Premier League to develop a football themed comic maker.

Main aims were to provide teachers and English students worldwide with a football - themed language learning resource, which resulted in developing a fun, intuitive comic maker allowing users to edit and produce a customised comic controlled by a simple drag and drop mechanism.

Client: British Council

Comic Maker

To mark 25 years since the original publication of Ken Follett’s, ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ we developed a facebook app allowing fans to virtually reveal a specially commissioned Kingsbridge cathedral illustration by leaving a message within the app.

The app was a huge success and exceeded expectations, as messages came in at a rapid rate resulting in a complete reveal within the first week.

Client: HarperCollins

Ken Follet App